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UL’s Reclassification of FR-4 Ballot Results

The reclassification of FR-4 has been a work-in-progress for decades. IPC has stimulated much dialogue and debate on this subject at IPC/UL sponsored industry advisory meetings over the past few years. But in March of this year, a strategic inflection point occurred with the ballot on UL 746E, Polymeric Materials – Industrial Laminates, Filament Wound […]

FR4-CCL Reclassification Explained – An update from UL (FREE recorded webinar)

UL has been working with IPC and industry for more than 15 years to address the impact of changes to copper clad laminate (CCL) on aging tests required by U.L. Standards.  The UL/IPC task group identified in 1996 that the generic family of FR-4 had changed over time and the materials included in this family […]