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Aiming to Trim Tin Whiskers Down to Size

Tin whiskers don’t occur very often, but worries about how to avoid them pop up quite often. IPC is teaming up with the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) at the University of Maryland to create a symposium that will help design and manufacturing teams stem the growth of tin whiskers or curtail the […]

Recap: New Releases May 2012

Keep up with new standards and resources from IPC. Follow the links below to the IPC online store for more information. New standards: IPC-1758(D)F, Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials IPC-7527, Requirements for Solder Paste Printing IPC-9203, Users Guide to IPC-9202 and the IPC-B-52 Standard Test Vehicle Multimedia Presentations: TW0412-ENVIRON, Tin Whisker Inorganic Coatings Evaluation (TWICE) […]

Some solutions for intermittent problems

Intermittent field problems are among the most expensive warranty issues to handle. It can take years to find the root cause, then figuring out a solution to eliminate the problem can be difficult. So it’s pretty wise to take steps to avoid problems that cause sporadic failures. One of these, tin whiskers, has been vexing […]

Trimming a problem

Tin whiskers have been a problem for this industry since the introduction of lead-free solders, but techniques for eliminating them have proven elusive. As research hunt for a universal solution, they’re continually finding new techniques that reduce the chances that these vexing growths will cause problems in the field. For example, the United Kingdom’s National […]

One stop research shop on tin whiskers

Tin whiskers is a concern throughout the industry. Rockwell Collins’ Dave Hillman and Doug Pauls, two of IPC’s standards committee chairmen, put together WP-009, a white paper reference and analysis of 12 papers from industry and defense agencies on tin whiskers. Their conclusions: 1. The electronics industry considers conformal coating as an industry Best Practice tin […]