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Reflections on Dieter Bergman

By Gene Weiner, Weiner International Associates IPC Hall of Fame Member There are so many personal experiences that I’ve had with Dieter from the past four or so decades, and it’s hard to select just a few. It could start with Dieter leading a gaggle of IPCers (“committee people”) such as Pat Goldman, Bernie Kessler, […]

Spreading the Praise

It’s very uplifting to hear people who win awards deflect attention from themselves. Both inductees to IPC’s Hall of Fame spent more time thanking others than they did considering the efforts that won them this high honor. Ray Prasad was the first of the two Hall of Fame inductees to speak. He made a point […]

Bottom termination standard nears completion

Array packaging has seen widespread usage over the past decade, but many chipmakers have been looking for packages that have lower costs than ball grid arrays. Those cost pressures drove the development of a number of different packages that cut costs by eliminating the solder balls, putting chips on wire frames that connect to circuit […]