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Blazing a Trail of Quality

IPC President and CEO John Mitchell asks, “What is your commitment to quality?” From the board shop to the board room, every decision needs to be made with quality in mind.        

Can quality and innovation coexist?

Improving quality is often viewed as a “mom and apple pie” issue; it’s fairly rare to hear a corporate spokesman rail against the need for quality.  But quality does indeed have some detractors who say that raising quality levels can also raise costs, and a focus on quality can ripple out to stifle other aspects […]

The Route to Root Cause: Why it pays to keep asking “why”

Our minds continually perform root cause analysis, which is a way of answering our questions about our surroundings and quenching our curiosity. We establish cause-and-effect relationships between what we see and what we do, or what we get and what we do, or what we want to get and what we need to do. In […]