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In Search of High Reliability in Printed Board Fabrication for Medical Device Applications

By John Perry, Director of Printed Board Standards & Technology It has been well known that for many years IPC has provided a trio of performance classifications in its suite of standards and specifications for the design, fabrication, assembly and acceptance of printed boards and printed board assemblies. Intended to reflect differences in producibility, complexity, […]

Copper Pillar Packaging Development Poses Challenges, but Technology Helps Designers Increase Density

Designers of electronic products are always pushing to reduce size and weight while adding more functionality. That often puts them at the forefront of the evolution of high density chips and printed boards. Copper pillar micro bump technology is one of the favored chip-to-package interconnection methods, gradually taking the place of conventional techniques that use […]

Failure Analysis for Improved Reliability

Failure analysis is a vital tool in the effort to ensure reliability of electronic products and systems throughout their product lifecycle. Today, organizations involved in activities within the electronics supply chain are facing new challenges, not just from complex assembly styles, harsher lifecycle environments, and more sophisticated tools, but also from customers who are demanding […]

Focusing on Fluxes

The drive to improve the long-term reliability of printed boards forces researchers to look at several different factors. Many of those factors are quite subtle, like the corrosion fostered by fluxes. For years, countless engineers have used surface insulation resistance (SIR), electrochemical migration (ECM) and corrosion-specific tests to determine the impact of fluxes, which are […]

Infrastructure has a Bearing on Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing equipment and systems today are incredibly sophisticated, as well as incredibly complex. Keeping them running at maximum efficiency is a difficult task that requires constant monitoring of subtle activity on key components. Manufacturers at every level, whether they’re making printed boards, electronic systems or cardboard boxes, need to make sure that equipment runs nonstop […]

President’s Message — Working to Clarify Defense Industry Understanding of ITAR Applicability to Printed Boards

by John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO I just returned from Washington, D.C. where IPC held a workshop for defense OEMs on U.S. export control regulations for printed boards in defense-related electronics. As you may remember, this past July, IPC launched its Follow the Law, Protect the Board educational campaign with a series of meetings […]

Building Long-term Reliability into Printed Circuit Boards

By Mike Carano, OMG Electrochemicals Inc. The threat to the reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) comes primarily from one source — the temperatures required during the soldering processes for the assembly of the components onto the PCB. These reliability issues can be mitigated if fabricators understand the ramifications of the material sets chosen for […]

Making sense of the world (market)

With all the stock market uncertainty in August, it’s a good time to take a breath and see what’s really going on.  Stock traders react wildly to the news tidbit of the day, but businesses have to do their planning for far longer timeframes. IPC is providing some help with an in-depth analysis of the […]

IPC Announces Free Webinar on New IPC-CH-65B Cleaning Handbook

FREE webinar: How Clean is Clean Enough? Overview of the NEW IPC-CH-65B Cleaning Handbook Dr. Mike Bixenman, Kyzen Corporation and Kris Roberson, IPC Wednesday, August 17 10:00 am–10:30 am CT Introducing the newest member of the IPC “family,” IPC-CH-65B, Guidelines for Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies.   This free webinar provides a short overview of IPC-CH-65B and […]

Free Money! Are you paying attention?

One month down, 11 to go. Is your company planning to take full advantage of 100% Bonus Depreciation and enhanced Section 179 expensing in 2011? Is your business purchasing equipment and writing off your investment at a faster rate? Are you informing your potential customers that they can use this great incentive to purchase equipment […]