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IPC Offers Opportunities for Online Learning

IPC offers many opportunities for online learning, providing relevant education to meet the needs of the industry, from operators to engineers and executives. Events Connection (EC) editorial staff talked to Carlos Plaza, IPC director of education development, about how IPC chooses which courses will benefit the industry, and what options are available for students this […]

Engineer Connects Education, Industry and IPC

By Corey Lynn, Marketing Manager, Education As the IPC Education Foundation establishes student chapters, we have partnered with individuals in the electronics industry and academia. Sometimes we get lucky and find someone involved in both. Kris Moyer, lead engineer at Williams International, is an IPC veteran who chairs and participates in several IPC Standards Committees. […]

Updates from IPC Design, Data Transfer and Documentation Committees

What progress are the IPC committees making? Learn more in the area of PCB design, data transfer and documentation from the Electronics Midwest standards development meetings. Interested in joining a committee? Send an e-mail to answers@ipc.org. PRINTED BOARD DESIGN The IPC 1-10c Test Coupon and Artwork Generation Task Group reviewed a future addendum to IPC-2221A, […]

New IPC-2152 Current-Carrying Capacity Standard Solves 50-Year Old Mystery

IPC just released a new design document: IPC-2152, Standard for Determining Current-Carrying Capacity In Printed Board Design. Ten years in the making, principal author and Committee Chair Mike Jouppi discusses the features in the new document and why it’s important, if not critical, for PCB designers and engineers. The document replaces charts used by the […]