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Nvidia Jumps on Package-on-Package Bandwagon

Package-on-package got another endorsement last week when Nvidia said it would use 3-D packaging on some forthcoming Pascal graphics processors to make more memory available with minimal delays. The move comes as more industries are adopting the company’s parallel processing chips. Nvidia President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made 3-D packaging one of the first highlighted […]

Turning Copper into Gold

The adage that the only constant is change always holds true in electronics. In some areas, like wire bonding inside chip packages, change doesn’t occur too quickly, but it inevitably comes. Many chipmakers and packaging companies have used gold wire bonds for decades. But some are moving away from the precious metal. Freescale is “aggressively […]

System in Package Continues to Rise

Whether it’s called chip stacking, 3-D packaging or package on package (PoP), this system in package concept is extremely likely to be part of the future for many board and EMS companies over the next couple years. Major companies are ramping up programs, and system designers are seeking the benefits that come when chips are […]

New Package-on-Package Training and Reference Materials Available

IPC is now offering these training materials created by Bob Willis, Electronic Presentation Services, in our online store. Please click through the links for more details or to order any of these items. POP-CD Package on Package (PoP) Assembly, Inspection & Rework interactive CD-ROM Package on Package (PoP) applications are growing in popularity for mobile […]

Activity in 3D packages increases

The idea of stacking one die atop another has been around for decades, but it finally seems to be catching on and moving into the mainstream. A couple recent linkups add some impetus to the takeoff and standards are already moving into place. Stacked packaging, also called package on package, is now used primarily in […]

Bob Willis with a few thoughts on PoP

Bob Willis shares a few of the issues involved with package-on-package (PoP) assembly in this short video. Issues include advantages of flux or paste, surface finish considerations, investment needed, and requirements for inspection. Bob will be teaching a half-day course on PoP at IPC APEX EXPO on April 8.