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On-shoring and Reshoring: Sustainable Trends or Temporary Phenomema?

  IPC has taken a close look at on-shoring and reshoring and its impact on industry. IPC’s newly released on-shoring study confirmed that companies have continued to locate new and are returning operations in North America with more on-shoring planned for the coming year.

Fact or Fiction? Is manufacturing coming back to the U.S.?

Many factors have made manufacturing in the U.S. more appealing over the past few years. Fluctuating exchange rates make the economics better, and advanced automation takes away some of the benefits of production in low wage regions. A number of research surveys support the notion that U.S. companies will be moving more operations back to […]

New On-Shoring Survey Open

All electronics manufacturers in the Americas are invited to participate in a new study about the impact of on-shoring – the migration of electronics manufacturing operations back to the Americas from overseas. Data from “On-Shoring in the Electronics Industry: Trends and Outlook” will measure the impact on revenue and jobs, and explain the drivers and […]