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Nanotechnology Researchers Replace Solder with Water

Advanced research is often really interesting, and often not-so-much. For me, that’s especially true with nanotechnology. Some projects have potential to change things. Others seem like pipe dreams that will take decades to emerge, if they ever advance toward the mainstream. A new study on self-assembling electronics seems to fit in the middle. Researchers from […]

IPC Midwest speaker details many benefits of nanomaterials

In a rapid-fire presentation before a standing room only crowd, nanotechnology expert Alan Rae kicked off IPC Midwest by describing multitude of ways in which nanomaterials may impact different segments of the electronics industry. Nanomaterials have been around since the 1970s, with many commercial applications over the past several years. Their real impact has not […]

Predicting big times for nano

The hype surrounding a pending nanotechnology revolution peaked and then faded a few years ago. That could mean there’s finally a fair chance that the chance to make some money from the technology. The printed  board industry might not seem like a place where nanotechnology may fit, but Alan Rae says that’s not true. The […]