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Cobalt: The Next Conflict Mineral?

Two recently launched initiatives to curb “the worst forms of child labor” and other abusive practices in the supply chain for cobalt, a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries, are being led by electronics companies. Apple, HP, Samsung SDI and Sony have joined an effort known as the Responsible Cobalt Initiative, while the Electronic Industry Citizenship […]

Lead Usage Continues to Grow

Companies in the electronics industry have spent billions in recent years to remove lead from solder, ensuring that the few ounces of this toxic metal on a printed board don’t leach into water supplies. Though regulators are attempting to curtail lead usage, it’s growing by about five percent per year. Global demand for lead is expected […]

Batteries can’t match LEDs’ bright outlook

Given the way prices fall in electronics, it’s easy to forget that many types of products don’t offer steady price declines. The contrasts are readily apparent in a couple studies from Lux Research. One has bullish projections for white LED components, but it’s not as optimistic about other elements in bulbs based on LEDs. Those […]