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Substrates Provide Base for LED Revolution

LEDs are slowly but surely transforming the lighting industry. Reduced power consumption, smaller size and programmability are helping to drive growth, particularly in fields where different lighting patterns are desirable. Printed boards come into play when designers want to focus light beams in specific directions. For example, automakers want headlights to shine on roadways, but also […]

Reliability is central to LED’s bright future

White LEDs and high intensity devices are transforming the lighting world. Beyond their compact size and bright output, these LEDs provide a substantial increase in reliability, which is forcing many engineers to learn how to get the longest lifetimes from these compact light sources. LEDs are leading the charge in this lighting revolution, though colored […]

Moving to a brighter world

The world appears to be on a path to becoming a brighter, cooler place, though it’s not quite what songs from the Age of Aquarius predicted. LEDs are in the process of transforming lighting, replacing incandescents and curly bulbs in a huge diversity of energy-efficient products. After reading sluggish economic news on a wintry morning, […]