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IPC committee status reports: Assembly and Joining, Assembly Equipment and Cleaning/Coating

Assembly and Joining The 5-21F Ball Grid Array Task Group reviewed proposals for Revision C of IPC-7095, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs and developed changes that had been identified in previous meetings. The first draft of Revision C should be complete sometime in July. The 5-22F J-STD-001 Handbook Task Group continued work on […]

Comments on IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001

There was a recent industry editorial mischaracterizing the users and usage of IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001. Many responses were received on IPC Technet. IPC and Mel Parrish, IPC Technical Activities Executive Committee Chairman, responded as well. IPC thanks you for your support of the standards and your contributions to making them reflect industry needs. Title: Industry […]

Three Cheers for the IPC Technical Committees

IPC President Denny McGuirk’s December 1 Editorial from IPC Intouch It’s been a very bright year for our standards development activities and, as the year draws to a close, I want to make sure our “unsung heroes” get their congratulations and thanks from the IPC staff, members and Board. There is no doubt that the […]

Training & Reference Guides Updated for IPC-A-610E and J-STD-001E Now Available

Through-Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide   A great tool for your operators and inspectors, DRM-PTH has been fully updated to Revision E of the latest IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 standards. This compact spiral-bound training & reference guide is packed full of crucial acceptance criteria for evaluating through-hole solder joints. Every graphic clearly shows the […]

IPC standards committee updates: Assembly & Joining/Product Assurance; Product Reliability and Cleaning/Coating

Assembly and Joining/Product Assurance The 5-22a Task Group (J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies) and the 7-31b Task Group (IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) had a joint meeting to celebrate publication of Revision E of both of these standards. The 5-22as Task Group continued work on J-STD-001ES, Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum, to […]

J-STD-001E workshop coming up

When standards are revised every few years, there’s always an immediate effort to help users learn what’s changed. Even when specifications like J-STD-001 follow the trend towards simplicity, classes can update experienced users and provide a good opportunity to teach new personnel how the specification works. J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldering of Electrical and Electronics Assemblies, […]

Change documents available for IPC-A-610E, J-STD-001E, IPC-A-600H and IPC-6012C

What’s new in the newest IPC revisions? IPC has made it easier than ever for you to start using the new documents. Visit http://www.ipc.org/610 or http://www.ipc.org/001 to download a free change document (.pdf) showing all of the differences in each document and/or a fact sheet (.pdf) that summarizes the edits. Visit http://www.ipc.org/600 or http://www.ipc.org/6012 to […]

Now Available! IPC-A-600H, IPC-6012C, IPC-A-610E, IPC J-STD-001E

The new revisions are now available. IPC-A-610E – Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies IPC-A-610 is the most widely used electronics assembly standard in the world. A must for all quality assurance and assembly departments, IPC-A-610E illustrates industry-accepted workmanship criteria for electronic assemblies through full-color photographs and illustrations. Topics include flex attachment, board in board, part on […]

Assembly Committees Reach a Milestone in Phoenix

Continuing our series on progress made by the standards development committees in Phoenix, the following report from Jack Crawford, IPC director of certification, highlights work on J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610. The 5-22a J-STD-001 Task Group (J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies) and the 7-31b IPC-A-610 Task Group (IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) worked through […]

IPC Certification Continues to Attract Even in Downturn

One interesting thing we are seeing at IPC is that participation in certification programs is strong even in the midst of the recession. Since December 2008, the number of certified IPC trainers for our five standards-based programs (IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC-7711/21, J-STD-001 and IPC/WHMA-A-620) has increased by 11.5%. Clearly some companies are continuing to invest in training […]