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Need Training in the Fundamentals of Electronics Assembly?

Look no further than IPC Workforce Development Programs – a series of courses designed to facilitate the long-term retention of practical, job-specific knowledge and skills By Carlos Plaza, IPC director of education development IPC Workforce Development courses help IPC members overcome the challenges posed by the skills gap while simultaneously providing opportunities for employees to […]

Strong and Varied Opinions Expected at IPC Microvia Virtual Summit

The upcoming IPC Microvia Virtual Summit (July 15-16) offers presentations from subject matter experts focused on determining the root causes for observed weak interface failures as well as mitigation techniques and test protocols. IPC Events Connection (EC) editorial staff went behind the scenes to talk to IPC’s John Perry, director, printed board standards and technology, […]

How Can You Obtain or Renew Your IPC Certification During COVID-19?

Candidates may now take online remote proctored exams right from the comfort of your own home. Dave Hernandez, vice president of education, answers questions about this new option from IPC EDGE. Why remote proctoring? In this time of shelter-in-place, IPC wanted to find a way for students to obtain or renew IPC certification remotely. We […]

Saying Yes to Opportunities: IPC’s Emerging Engineer Program Offers Career Growth for Electronics Industry Newcomers

What makes the IPC Emerging Engineer Program a premier networking and career enriching program? IPC staff spoke to Emerging Engineer Kate Stees, materials & process engineer, Lockheed Martin, about her experience in the program and why she recommends it to other engineers. IPC: Why did you choose to enroll in IPC’s Emerging Engineer program? Stees: […]

Automotive Electronics: Past/Present/Future

IPC president and CEO John Mitchell discusses technological advancements in automotive electronics and IPC’s standards development activities that support the automotive industry.

An Improved Technique for Translating Drawings

Globalization requires paying attention to many details, some of them unexpected. As IPC began increasing the number of standards that are translated and converting documents into more languages, they quickly found that one drawing can be worse than 1,000 words. Translating large volumes of text in technical documents is challenging, but it’s very straightforward. But […]

New Simplified Pricing Structure for IPC Standards and Technical Documents

On January 12, 2014, IPC is implementing a new, simplified pricing structure for standards and technical documents. The new pricing structure is based on the complexity of the document (number of pages, number of images and color), with three distinct pricing levels: SIMPLE MODERATE COMPLEX $36     – Member Price $52     – Member Price […]

Bob Willis Reviews New Technical Titles

Industry expert Bob Willis has tips on new reference books and IPC standards to help you do your job better. View pdf summary here.

View from Europe: Solderability and Reliability in Focus at IPC Conference in Budapest

By Lars Wallin, IPC European Representative At the IPC Conference on Solderability and Reliability for Electronics Assemblies in Budapest, Hungary, 130 attendees gathered on February 6–7, to learn more about IPC standards and how these documents are good resources for improving quality, making better materials choices, and achieving “the perfect solder joint.” Mission to Inform […]

IPC Pops Up in the Most Unexpected Places

It’s surprising how often mentions of IPC pop up in presentations in many different industries. I should have known that in a broad design software category like product lifecycle management, standards would play a major role. But I was still surprised when not one but two speakers during a Siemens PLM press/analyst gathering mentioned IPC […]