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IPC Electronics Systems Technology Conference (IPC ESTC) Leads off with Back-to-back Home Runs

Dr. Tin-Lup Wong, distinguished engineer and executive director for Lenovo got IPC ESTC in Las Vegas off to a great start. Dr. Wong gave a keynote presentation that provided attendees an outstanding glimpse to the future of product development at Lenovo. Dr. Wong provided valuable insights to the challenges that ultraslim form factor is creating […]

Transition to Handhelds Impacts Business, Technology Strategies

We’ve been in a period called the post-PC era for several years, yet there’s still an ongoing transition to new devices. Smart phones, Tablets and Netbooks are seeing spectacular growth while sales of PCs have remained solid, roughly matching 2009 sales even after a recent free fall in shipments. Understanding how this transition will play […]

Automakers Look Beyond Modeling and Simulation

The auto industry’s blend of high volumes, high reliability and low costs makes it a harbinger of trends. A show like the SAE World Congress attracts a lot of technical people, ranging from CEOs to fellows to engineers, all with an idea of how they’re pushing technology forward. A few years ago, it seemed like […]

Satellite Trade-offs Require a Broad View

Electronics in the defense industry continue to evolve as designers find different ways to trade cost and performance in one part of a system versus another. These trade-offs continue to occur in satellite communications, where designers decide how to balance power levels — which determine cost and size – in terminals and in satellites. Launches […]

Holistic Design Takes Hold

Sometimes, it’s pretty easy to spot design trends. The one I’m hearing a lot about lately is holistic design. A couple years ago, it seemed like whenever I interviewed anyone in the transportation field, they were talking about the benefits of modeling and simulation. Now, design teams in this field are talking about holistic design. […]

System in Package Continues to Rise

Whether it’s called chip stacking, 3-D packaging or package on package (PoP), this system in package concept is extremely likely to be part of the future for many board and EMS companies over the next couple years. Major companies are ramping up programs, and system designers are seeking the benefits that come when chips are […]

Taking the Broad View

Presentations from Underwriters Laboratories, iNEMI and IPC’s Roadmap committee on Thursday carried a couple common threads. These IPC APEX EXPO® sessions stressed the importance of working together and taking a big picture view. IPC is working with UL to help upgrade UL’s requirements for substrates. Sharing roadmap information is one of many projects where iNEMI and […]