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Volunteering: Just the Cure for Disassociated Workers

In the United States, approximately one in four people volunteers in one fashion or another. Anyone involved with IPC might be surprised by that statistic from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The large number of IPC volunteers is just one factor that seems a bit at odds with the statistic. The other is the […]

IPC Committees Welcome New Chairs

The following individuals have been nominated and have accepted new positions as chairs, co-chairs or vice-chairs of standards development and management council committees. IPC gives them a hearty handshake, wishes them well in completing their missions and thanks them in advance for their efforts! 2-18j Lab Report Declaration Task Group chair:  William Haas, Seagate Technology […]

Printed Electronics Update from IPC APEX EXPO

At this year’s IPC APEX EXPO show, printed electronics was given center stage with an entire section of the show floor dedicated to this up-and-coming industry. To support efforts to integrate traditional circuit technologies with PE, I-Connect007, in partnership with the IPC, produced a series of videos on this topic as part of its Real […]

Three Cheers for the IPC Technical Committees

IPC President Denny McGuirk’s December 1 Editorial from IPC Intouch It’s been a very bright year for our standards development activities and, as the year draws to a close, I want to make sure our “unsung heroes” get their congratulations and thanks from the IPC staff, members and Board. There is no doubt that the […]

Updates from IPC Design, Data Transfer and Documentation Committees

What progress are the IPC committees making? Learn more in the area of PCB design, data transfer and documentation from the Electronics Midwest standards development meetings. Interested in joining a committee? Send an e-mail to answers@ipc.org. PRINTED BOARD DESIGN The IPC 1-10c Test Coupon and Artwork Generation Task Group reviewed a future addendum to IPC-2221A, […]

IPC board standards committee updates: Handling and storage and embedded device documents make progress

Below are write-ups prepared by IPC staff liaisons after IPC APEX EXPO for select committees: Rigid Printed Boards The D-31b IPC-2221/2222 Task Group reviewed outstanding items for the forthcoming ballot to IPC-2222A, Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Printed Boards. Section 4 relates to laminate properties and significant discussions were held on the need to update […]

IPC standards committee updates: Assembly & Joining/Product Assurance; Product Reliability and Cleaning/Coating

Assembly and Joining/Product Assurance The 5-22a Task Group (J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies) and the 7-31b Task Group (IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) had a joint meeting to celebrate publication of Revision E of both of these standards. The 5-22as Task Group continued work on J-STD-001ES, Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum, to […]