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IPC standards committee updates: printed board design, base materials, fabrication processes and high speed/high frequency

Printed Board Design The IPC 1-10b Current Carrying Capacity Task Group discussed goals for a future revision to IPC-2152, Standard for Determining Current Carrying Capacity in Printed Board Design. The revision will focus on high current transients, flexible printed boards, microvia structures and new printed board material types. The IPC 1-10c Test Coupon and Artwork […]

Tech Question of the Week: “How do I find the right laminate material within IPC-4101?”

Tom Newton’s YouTube video with the above title is fine as far as it goes. Unfortunately, neither this video nor IPC-4101 are sufficient for selecting a proper material slash sheet out of the 55 slash sheets in the B-revision and the 66 slash sheets in the upcoming C-revision, let alone the proper base material for […]