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IPC Standards Committee Reports — Data Generation and Transfer, Supplier Declaration, Electronic Documentation, EHS, Management, Intellectual Property

These standards committee reports from IPC APEX EXPO 2015 have been compiled to help keep you up to date on IPC standards committee activities. This is the fourth and final in the series of reports. Data Generation and Transfer The 2-16 Product Data Description (Laminar View) Subcommittee continued discussion of potential new requirements and possible […]

Smart ideas for protecting intellectual property

Hackers and corporate thieves have helped make information security a topic that can’t be overlooked, especially in competitive fields like electronics. In North America, where many printed circuit board manufacturers target markets like defense and early prototyping, security is more critical than in areas that make high volume throw-away products. For years, the two leading […]

A Quick Reference on Some Complex Issues

IPC President Denny McGuirk’s August 1 editorial from the IPC Intouch Member Newsletter: A recent study commissioned by the Small Business Administration found that annual regulatory compliance costs in the United States hit $1.75 trillion in 2008. Multiply that worldwide and the costs of regulation for the electronics industry alone are easily measured in tens […]

Cisco, DDI Weigh In on IPC-1071, IPC’s new intellectual property protection standard

IPC-1071,  Best Industry Practices for Intellectual Property Protection in Printed Board Manufacturing, is designed to ensure protection of intellectual property for PCB customers. DDi’s Raj Kumar and Cisco’s Jos Purvis discuss the purpose and features of this effort in this taped interview from Real Time With IPC. For more information on the standard, visit http://www.ipc.org/1071. http://www.realtimewith.com/pages/show.cgi?rtwsid=44&rtwvid=1879&c=0