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PCBs catching attention on Capitol Hill

Fern Abrams, IPC’s Director of Government Relations and Environmental Policy, discusses the importance of the organization’s efforts in Washington, D.C. After five long years of lobbying on Capitol Hill, IPC’s members finally feel as though Congress understands how vitally important PCBs are to our national security. That understanding was shown by the appointment of an […]

It’s 2010: Do you know where your circuit boards are?

Denny McGuirk’s April Editorial from IPC member newsletter, Intouch Printed boards are no longer “flying under radar,” at the Department of Defense (DoD). IPC lobbying efforts over the past several years led to a National Research Council panel and a Congressional mandate requiring DoD to appoint an Executive Agent (EA) for printed circuit boards. The […]

From Shenzhen, China to Washington, D.C. – Denny McGuirk’s January Column

Visits to two distinctly different events — The HKPCA/IPC Exhibition and Conference, December 2–4 in Shenzhen, China and the IPC Technology Interchange Conference, December 9–10 in Washington, D.C. — helped end 2009 on a positive note. IPC has partnered with the Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA) on a trade show and conference in Southern […]