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Consultation on the Interface Between the EU’s Chemical, Product and Waste Legislation

The European Union promotes a “circular economy” with closed-loop production based as much as possible on reparability, reusability and recycling. But in order for more products to be recycled or reused, it is crucial to tackle the challenges at the source, by ensuring that the product design facilitates recycling, and by substituting, whenever feasible, hazardous […]

Canada and EU Take Up Conflict Minerals

As many of you know,  the European Union Commission has been considering the promulgation of a conflict minerals related rule of its own.  These regulations would be in addition to those affecting companies doing business in the U.S. If the EU develops different conflict minerals rules and regulations, the burden on EU companies could be […]

European Union Considers Implementing Conflict Minerals Regulation

The European Union (EU) will begin discussions on whether to develop a conflict minerals-type regulation during a December 5, 2012 internal workshop. DG Trade is leading this effort and has requested input from industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). DG Trade is considering implementing regulations that mimic either the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]