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New IPC Studies Show World PCB Market Up in 2016 as North American Market Shrinkage Slows

World printed circuit board (PCB) production reached an estimated $58.2 billion in 2016, up 2.2 percent in real terms, while North American PCB production decreased a mere 0.1 percent, according to IPC’s newly published World PCB Production Report for the Year 2016. The North American PCB market also continued its downward trend, but at a […]

Satisfying the Hunger for Knowledge

When people decide which trade show they want to attend, they often face a choice that’s a bit like picking a restaurant. They can go to a buffet-like conference where there are many different presentations that don’t have a lot of depth, or go to a specialized show that offers truly good information in a […]

Combining Electronics and Mechanical Manufacturing into a Single Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive manufacturing is expected to transform both electronics and mechanical manufacturing over the next couple decades. Right now, they’re considered distinct fields. But that may eventually change. In the mechanical world, one of the groups promoting additive 3-D printing processes is the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII). It was established just last year, driven […]

The Proliferation of Embedded Components – Video Interview

Embedded components are becoming more common as the industry movies into the use of handheld and portable products. Vern Solberg, Solberg Technical Consulting, talks about IPC’s efforts to create an embedded device process standard, IPC-7092, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Embedded Components. Watch the video.