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Automotive Electronics: Past/Present/Future

IPC president and CEO John Mitchell discusses technological advancements in automotive electronics and IPC’s standards development activities that support the automotive industry.

Rethinking customer definitions

Business relationships change constantly as companies try to meet the expectations of current and future customers. As electronic technologies become more complex, some companies are rethinking their definition of customers. In more and more fields, managers can no longer define customers as the business they service directly. Instead of focusing on the companies they sell […]

The trend to smaller cars may not be happening, but the shift to smaller suppliers is advancing

The SAE Convergence conference has been an indicator of trends in the auto industry for more than three decades. This year, people in Detroit are commenting on the number of small companies that are starting to play a role in automotive design and manufacturing. Convergence got its start back when cars and electronics began to […]

Feel the power

As microcontroller frequencies grow, low-cost processors can manage more devices with high precision. That’s driving a huge market for actuators like motors. In turn, that is fueling substantial growth in power handling devices like IGBTs and MOSFETs. This expansion seems to be occurring more rapidly in high reliability fields like automotive, where engineers are using […]

Driving towards new consumer markets

Having gone to a couple CES shows in sunny Las Vegas, I’m quite happy to be staying in chilly Chicago this week. The sprawling show encompasses all sorts of consumer electronics, making it way too big to actually get through the crowds to find anything of interest. One area that’s particularly interesting is the growing […]

Wireless growth expands to cars

The reach of wireless communications and high transmissions frequencies seems to have no end in sight. FM radio was the last new wireless link for the automotive industry, but that’s going to change in the future. I spent this week at a telematics show that focused on the growing demand for cellular communications that bring […]