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Automotive Electronics: Past/Present/Future

IPC president and CEO John Mitchell discusses technological advancements in automotive electronics and IPC’s standards development activities that support the automotive industry.

Printed Electronics Gains Momentum

The printed electronics industry continues to expand rapidly. Nearly every week, companies are announcing positive steps that demonstrate solid growth. Thin Film Electronics ASA rolled out a stand-alone Smart Sensor Label that can be attached to pharmaceuticals and food to monitor temperatures, which should reduce waste and improve safety. Shortly after that announcement, Invesco Asset […]

Combining Electronics and Mechanical Manufacturing into a Single Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive manufacturing is expected to transform both electronics and mechanical manufacturing over the next couple decades. Right now, they’re considered distinct fields. But that may eventually change. In the mechanical world, one of the groups promoting additive 3-D printing processes is the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII). It was established just last year, driven […]

Manufacturing Moves Show Promise

Apple recently announced plans to beef up its domestic manufacturing by investing $100 million in a production facility in Texas. Though there are plenty of questions about the state of manufacturing in the United States, Apple’s plan highlights the strength of American factories. U.S. manufacturers are taking steps to remain competitive with low-cost countries, employing […]