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IPC Video Wins Five Awards in 2019

IPC’s award-winning library of training videos on electronics assembly has added five new industry awards during 2019: • Omni Award for Convection Reflow Soldering (120) – Jonathan Vermillion, Ball Corporation/Technical Advisor • Telly Award for Terminal Soldering (118) – Chris Barrett, Safari Circuits/Technical Advisor • Communicator Award for How to Inspect Electronic Assemblies (190) – […]

IPC Video Team Shoots Two New Videos at Delta Group Electronics

IPC recently shot two new training videos at Delta Group Electronics in Albuquerque, New Mexico, “Safety in Electronics Assembly” and “Convection Reflow Soldering.” Both of these programs will soon be available in the new IPC EDGE 2.0 Online Video Training Library. Tod Cummins, Delta Group’s Director of Corporate Quality was responsible for arranging and coordinating […]

IPC’s Job Task Analysis Needs Your Expertise to Address the Skills Gap

IPC president and CEO John Mitchell invites industry to join IPC’s Job Task Analysis Committee to help define key roles in the electronics industry and perform industry driven job task analysis for each of these roles.

The Value and Importance of Training and Certifying Employees

Training, certification and education are central pillars at IPC. John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO, discusses the value of training, certification and education and how IPC’s programs can help grow your business.    

IPC Essentials Preview

A new online course, “IPC Essentials,” designed to enhance knowledge of IPC Standards, the standards development process, and how to use standards, is coming soon to IPC EDGE.

The IPC/EIPC Roadshow: Design for Excellence and “Creovation”

by: Cheryl Tulkoff, CRE, DfR Solutions While it ran, I absolutely loved reading Lucy Kellaway’s fictional Martin Lukes column in the Financial Times. “Creovation,” a combination of creativity and innovation, was one of many great buzzwords Lukes invented that unwittingly mocked management practices in industry. Even though it’s been years since the column ran, that […]

DFX or How I Learned How to Stop Worrying by Designing Reliability In

One of the most useful things I’ve learned after spending more than 15 years as a process engineer is that assembly processes can easily make a design worse but they can never make it better. Decisions made early in the design phase ultimately predict final product success. Poor material choices, marginal suppliers, incorrect pad geometries […]

IPC Expands Online Video Training Resources

IPC’s Assembly Training Library is now available through the Internet. With the purchase of a one-year license, your company will gain complete online access to these training videos using high-resolution video streaming — as well as all of the automated testing programs found on the IPC website. There is no costly IT implementation, or complicated […]

B2B Marketing in a Digital Age Workshop at IPC Midwest

Tuesday, August 21 • 1:30–5:00 pm; Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, Schaumburg, Ill. Rich Heimsch, Director, and Greg Robinson, Co-Owner &  Director, Protean Marketing Communication Though led by consumer purchasing, business-to-business (B2B) companies are rapidly entering ecommerce space as a way to simultaneously reach new customers, increase sales and cut costs.   Their customers are also […]

IPC OVT – Computer-Based Training… Now SCORM Compliant/LMS Ready

By Mark Pritchard, IPC  Director of Media Training Whether you run a Learning Management System (LMS) and require SCORM-compliance for all your training programs, or just need something to train your students on a stand-alone computer… IPC’s new OVT (Online Video Training) platform is designed for you. For many years, IPC has been providing video […]