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IPC’s PCB Technology Trends Study Details How PCB Manufacturers Meet Current and Future Technology Demands

PCB Technology Trends 2018, a new global study published by IPC is now available. The survey-based study shows how printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers are meeting today’s technology demands and looks at the changes expected by 2023 that will affect the whole industry. Based on data from 74 companies worldwide, the 213-page report presents data […]

3D IC Integration and 3D IC Packaging

3D IC integration will be a hot topic at IPC APEX EXPO

IPC Sample Agreement Streamlines EMS Contracting Process

Companies now have a new tool to address the intricacies and unique needs of the EMS contracting process, thanks to the recently updated IPC Sample Master Ordering Agreement for EMS Companies and OEMs . Designed to encourage discussion between customers and EMS companies during negotiations, this well-researched sample agreement covers key terms and conditions for […]

Rethinking customer definitions

Business relationships change constantly as companies try to meet the expectations of current and future customers. As electronic technologies become more complex, some companies are rethinking their definition of customers. In more and more fields, managers can no longer define customers as the business they service directly. Instead of focusing on the companies they sell […]

Single core micros remain reliable

Dual core processors have been used for years in PCs, cell phones and other consumer products, so it’s easy to think that all the advances in CPUs come in multicore devices. But in many high reliability markets, single core processors are still seen as the best design choice. In autos and other demanding markets, design […]

Batteries can’t match LEDs’ bright outlook

Given the way prices fall in electronics, it’s easy to forget that many types of products don’t offer steady price declines. The contrasts are readily apparent in a couple studies from Lux Research. One has bullish projections for white LED components, but it’s not as optimistic about other elements in bulbs based on LEDs. Those […]

Chipmaker sees web, power as key technology drivers

When CEOs and top executives of semiconductor speak publicly, they take a high level view of where they plan to focus their effort to advance state of the art. Freescale has a big role in embedded systems, which are collectively a huge percentage of the electronics shipped each year. To open the Freescale Technology Forum […]

Printed electronics efforts grow in the background

There are big time predictions for printed electronics, a technology that’s been a technology of tomorrow for a fair while. Though there have been plenty of “next big thing” flops in electronics, it doesn’t seem smart to bet against this one. Any time pundits start saying that a new technology is going to revamp the […]

Charging into an electrified future

Planning for new markets is never easy. That’s going to be especially true for those who must determine whether or not they’ll jump on the green bandwagon and get involved in building the infrastructure for electric vehicles. EV charging stations need a lot of complex electronics that operate in harsh outdoor environments. Power management, communication […]

New On-Shoring Survey Open

All electronics manufacturers in the Americas are invited to participate in a new study about the impact of on-shoring – the migration of electronics manufacturing operations back to the Americas from overseas. Data from “On-Shoring in the Electronics Industry: Trends and Outlook” will measure the impact on revenue and jobs, and explain the drivers and […]