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Rising Tariffs Put a Painful Squeeze on Electronics Manufacturing

To determine the effects the U.S./China tariff dispute has on U.S. electronics manufacturers, IPC conducted a survey of its U.S. members. The results reflect how difficult it is for a global industry to navigate this uncertainty. IPC President and CEO John Mitchell provides details in his monthly IPC president’s message.

Trump’s FY2020 Budget Plan Kicks Off U.S. Policy Debates

by Ken Schramko, senior director, North American Government Relations Within the last week, U.S. President Trump released his $4.7 trillion fiscal 2020 budget plan, kicking off the annual federal budget process. IPC is watching several budget debates that could impact the electronics industry and its supply chain. It’s important to remember that Congress has the […]

New EU Chemicals Database on Candidate List Substances in Articles by 2021

As part of the European Union’s “circular economy” policy, EU officials want to expand the secondary raw materials market. The potential presence of chemicals of concern in recycled materials is seen as a potential barrier to the development of this market. Therefore, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is working to establish a new database on […]

Consultation on the Interface Between the EU’s Chemical, Product and Waste Legislation

The European Union promotes a “circular economy” with closed-loop production based as much as possible on reparability, reusability and recycling. But in order for more products to be recycled or reused, it is crucial to tackle the challenges at the source, by ensuring that the product design facilitates recycling, and by substituting, whenever feasible, hazardous […]

China and the United States Move Forward on Conflict Minerals Cooperation

On June 7, under the umbrella of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the U.S. and China recognized that responsible mineral supply chain practices promote stability and prosperity in the African Great Lakes region. The two sides welcomed each other’s efforts in this area. Both sides expect to encourage exchanges and the sharing of best […]

Global Market Outlook for 2014 — Industry Segments Continue to Strengthen

Sharon Starr, IPC’s director of market research, shares electronics industry growth trends and 2014 projections for the world markets in electronic equipment, EMS/ODM and PCBs. The U.S., Europe and Japan are the major drivers of global economic growth.    

Slow but Steady

A couple national manufacturing studies out this week highlight the continuing resurgence of American manufacturing. The economy may not be roaring back with any real speed, but it’s seeing steady growth. Respondents to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch CFO Outlook survey gave the U.S. economy an average score of 58 out of 100, up […]

Making sense of economic trends

In normal years, figuring out how to move ahead during an economic recovery often seems like herding cats. But given the many questions swirling around the impact that a Greek default might have on the global economy, conventional electronics industry businesses seem like stable, predictable fields. Funny how perspectives can change. IPC’s Spring Electronics Industries […]

Fact or Fiction? Is manufacturing coming back to the U.S.?

Many factors have made manufacturing in the U.S. more appealing over the past few years. Fluctuating exchange rates make the economics better, and advanced automation takes away some of the benefits of production in low wage regions. A number of research surveys support the notion that U.S. companies will be moving more operations back to […]

Industry Growth Slowed in 2011 with Signs of Recovery at Year End

The slowdown in sales growth of 2011 is leveling off and leading indicators appear to be turning the corner. Read about it in a new article by IPC Director of Market Research Sharon Starr.