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Canadian regulation could eliminate critical substances for solder flux

IPC has notified its contacts in Canada about a proposed Canadian regulation targeting the elimination of several substances that may be vital to the electronics industry. On June 20, the Canadian government released a list of substances that could be slated for elimination, including three substances that are critical, functional ingredients in solder flux: Rosin, […]

IPC SMEMA Council Steering Committee Member Steve Case Killed in Plane Crash

Case, 60, was chairman of Cyberoptics Inc., a company he founded in 1984, while working as a professor of optical physics at the University of Minnesota. As an early pioneer of AOI, he gave the technology respectability by inventing and producing systems that worked effectively. These were subsequently installed inside many of the major brand […]

Why Is Europe setting the Standard(s)?

Let’s face it. Standards for the electronics industry (or any standard for that matter) aren’t very sexy. They’re generally either published on paper or a pdf so you can’t trot out a product and hold it in your hands or watch a Youtube video of it.  It’s pretty hard for most people not to stifle […]