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I am an author, professor, consultant, and entrepreneur currently focused on developing science of innovation.

I am interested in bringing out creativity of more people around the world by using the holistic approach I have developed, and learn from their experience.

Currently, I teach a semester course at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago ( I am willing to share my syllabus with any teacher to offer the course anywhere in the world. The text book is Business Innovation in the 21st Century.

You can learn more about me at, or my new community portal coming in Oct. 08.

I would like people to visit website to learn about the annual conference on innovation.


The Route to Root Cause: Why it pays to keep asking “why”

Our minds continually perform root cause analysis, which is a way of answering our questions about our surroundings and quenching our curiosity. We establish cause-and-effect relationships between what we see and what we do, or what we get and what we do, or what we want to get and what we need to do. In […]

A Dangerous Trend in R&D

Sometime ago, I read that a new technology officer of a leading computer manufacturing company has discontinued R&D projects that go beyond 2-3 years. The top 20 or so projects were retained for generating short term revenue. Leadership in other companies have adopted the similar strategy to productize R&D. To an extent I believe R&D […]