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Companies refine their marketing approach to weather recession

The electronic interconnect industry may have seen the worst of the economic storm. Inventories are being managed better than during the 2002 recession, and embedded electronics and high-end products still make for opportunities in the U.S. market. To emerge intact, though, electronics companies must take a savvier, more layered approach to marketing. “We’re seeing too […]

Growing Customer Partnerships Webinar Recap

Yesterday’s installment of the IPC Executive Webcast Series, “Growing Customer Partnerships in the Current Economy,” was presented by Joe O’Neil, president, Hunter Technology Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Two years ago, Hunter Technology changed the way it approaches customer relationships from a traditional customer/supplier model to one that more closely represents a partnership. O’Neil says this […]

IPC Supply Chain Tracker shows some encouraging data

In a podcast interview for, Sharon Starr, IPC director of market research, shares her insights on the recently released spring 2009 IPC Supply Chain Tracker. The Supply Chain Tracker offers important insights into the health of the electronics interconnect industry. Starr talked about some encouraging industry data for IPC’s members. Here are a few […]

Regional Trends Webinar Recap

Here are 10 highlights from the webinar that provide a sampling of what’s going on in the industry. First, a notable quote from Plonski: “There’s no doubt we are going to recover, but all segments are going to do it differently.”

Standards on IPC TechNet Forum

We all know the IPC standards development committee meetings at events such as IPC APEX EXPO are interactive, engaging and sometimes full of lively discussion. IPC committee members discuss test results, implementation and opinions on what each standard should include. The conversations continue throughout the year in many forms, including the IPC TechNet community. Here’s […]

Industry News and Listening Posts

In today’s news-saturated and fast-paced world, it’s important to keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry, emerging technologies, mergers and acquisitions, numbers and trend reports. After all, “knowledge is power.” The more you know about what’s happening and what people are talking about, the better decisions you can make. […]

The state of the economy and future outlook (IPC webinar recap)

Great Depression it isn’t, but “Greatest Recession” it is, if you’re talking post-war. On Tuesday, IPC hosted another segment in the IPC Executive Webcast Series, “The State of the Economy and Future Outlook.”

Standards Development Update Videos

During IPC APEX EXPO 2009, IConnect007 and IPC produced a series of videos called “Real Time with IPC.” Several of the videos from APEX are posted to IPC’s YouTube channel, IPCAssociation. IPC also regularly posts videos answering the “Tech Question of the Week.” Here are a few standards-related videos from IPC’s YouTube channel. The interviewees […]

Pricing Strategies Webinar Recap

On Tuesday, IPC hosted another segment of its IPC Executive Webcast Series, “Pricing Strategies in an Uncertain Time: Quick-yet-powerful Methods to Optimize Price in Challenging Times.” Let me summarize some of the insights from the program by listing some questions you should ask yourself about your pricing strategy. 1) Do you have an internal-focused or […]

Semiconductor Industry Hot Topics

News from the semiconductor industry this week certainly sparked conversation across mainstream media. Semiconductor Sales The Semiconductor Industry Association released data indicating that March global semiconductor sales were up slightly from February. According to SIA, semiconductor sales were $14.7 billion in March, an increase of 3.3 percent from February. But SIA reported sales for the […]