Power Your Potential with J-STD-001 for Operators

By Carlos Plaza, director, education development

The IPC Standard, J-STD-001G: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, is globally recognized for its criteria on soldering processes and materials for electrical and electronic assemblies. Because J-STD-001 is a critical standard for the industry, IPC Workforce Training created the course, J-STD-001 for Operators, to provide operators, technicians, and other assembly line staff with a practical introduction to the terms, concepts and acceptability criteria found in the standard.

IPC Workforce Training courses are specifically designed to help the electronics industry overcome gaps in workforce skills with essential and value-added coursework that addresses the most difficult-to-fill positions in the electronics industry.

The objective of J-STD-001 for Operators is to enable learners to effectively navigate, locate, and apply the criteria specified in the IPC J-STD-001 standard to the role of assembly line operator, technician, or supervisor. The J-STD-001 Workforce Training program provides engaging videos, activities and quizzes designed to help students learn, remember, and apply criteria to the electronics assembly process. Enrollment in the course is continuous.

Composed of four modules – General Standard Information and Requirements, General Materials, Soldering and Assembly and Produce Assurance Requirements, Wires, Terminals and Component Mounting, and Cleaning, PCB, and Conformal Coating Requirements – this course covers all the requirements assembly line operators, technicians and supervisors need to advance their careers and enrich their technical education. J-STD-001 for Operators takes approximately 6-8 hours to complete and is available in both self-paced and instructor-led versions. Students must complete Electronics Assembly for Operators as a prerequisite to J-STD-001 for Operators.

Details on J-STD-001 for Operators and other IPC Workforce Development Training Programs can be found at: https://training.ipc.org.



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