IPC Video Wins Five Awards in 2019

IPC’s award-winning library of training videos on electronics assembly has added five new industry awards during 2019:

• Omni Award for Convection Reflow Soldering (120) – Jonathan Vermillion, Ball Corporation/Technical Advisor
• Telly Award for Terminal Soldering (118) – Chris Barrett, Safari Circuits/Technical Advisor
• Communicator Award for How to Inspect Electronic Assemblies (190) – Floyd Bertagnolli, STM Training/Technical Advisor
• AVA Digital Award for Handling During Electronics Assembly (124) – Marg Drouin, Aved Electronics/Technical Advisor
• Omni Award for Component Identification (160) – Dave Stewart, Intervala LLC/Technical Advisor

According to Marg Drouin, training manager, Aved Electronics, “Contributing to the IPC Training Media has become a key part of my professional commitment to helping employees learn and improve their manufacturing skills and techniques. These videos are so effective because many of our employees are either visual learners or English is their second language. These videos overcome language barriers that are typical in manufacturing environments. With technology continuously evolving, I look forward to continuing to contribute to IPC in the coming years.”

IPC training videos are produced in cooperation with our members to help insure technical accuracy and minimize commercialism.

Our sincere thanks to the technical advisors who help develop the contents and review the comments from IPC member circulations.

If you have an interest in working to help create new training videos for our industry, please contact Steve Donaldson, IPC assistant director, education.

All of these new videos are available through the new IPC EDGE learning portal.

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