Chris Barrett, Safari Circuits Helps Develop New IPC Video on Through-Hole Rework

This March, Chris Barrett of Safari Circuits travelled to the IPC Video Studio in Taos, N.M., to shoot a new training video, Through-Hole Component Removal and Rework.

This was the 7th video that Chris Barrett has helped create for IPC:

142C – Introduction to Hand Soldering (Communicator Award)
• 143C – Through-hole Component Preparation and Hand Soldering (Telly & Videographer Awards)
• 144C – Hand Soldering – SMT Component Installation (Communicator Award)
• 145C – Basic SMT Rework without Component Removal (AVA Digital Award)
• 196C – Area Array Rework
• 118C – Terminal Soldering
• 141C – Through-Hole Soldering – Component Removal and Rework

Chris Barrett, Safari Circuits

Chris was responsible for organization of the video script, the resolution of committee technical comments, and also provided the hands-on demonstrations shown in the video.

“It takes an exceptional amount of patience and skill to perform on-screen soldering for an IPC video… creating the sample, setting up the lighting, performing the action flawlessly, along with the inevitable retakes. This process would test the patience of any ordinary mortal. Chris is wonderful to work with, and he does his job amazingly well… it’s a real pleasure to be able to work together,” said Mark Pritchard, IPC video producer.

Our sincere thanks to Chris (aka “CB”) and the management of Safari Circuits for their continued support of the IPC training efforts for the electronics assembly industry.

All of these videos will be available in the new IPC online video subscription library.

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