How is the U.S. Government Shutdown Affecting Your Business?

by Ken Schramko, senior director, North American government relations

You have probably seen news reports about the various ways that the U.S. Government partial shutdown is affecting “regular people.”

So we were wondering: How it is affecting the electronics industry, if at all? How is it affecting your company?

Please help us by taking a minute now to answer an IPC survey on this issue. Your answers will help us understand the situation better and advocate on your behalf. We’ll publish the results here in about 7-10 days and alert you in an upcoming edition of IPC Global Insight, IPC’s weekly e-newsletter.

In the meantime, this two-page document from our colleagues at Prime Policy provides an overview of which government agencies and functions are most affected. To cite just a few examples: About 95% of the U.S. EPA’s staff are on furlough; as are about half the staff at the White House office that reviews and approves pending regulations. The State Department will keep issuing passports and visas until they run out of funds; and taxpayers will not have services to help with taxes.

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