IPC E-Textiles Committee Releases First White Paper on E-Textiles Washability

White paper will be provided free to IPC E-Textiles 2018 attendees.

The IPC E-Textiles Committee recognizes that for wearable smart textiles to flourish, there needs to be industry standards with reliability expectations for these products following multiple washing cycles. The committee also knows it will take years for these standards to take shape, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the process now.

IPC has released IPC WP-024, IPC White Paper on Reliability and Washability of Smart Textile Structures – Readiness for the Market, the first in what the committee hopes will be a library of white papers on washability reliability of smart textiles. IPC-WP-024 provides insights from a team of researchers from ENSAIT-National School of Arts and Textile Industries, where they have conducted testing and studies on washability for years.

Free for IPC E-Textiles 2018 Attendees
IPC is making IPC-WP-024 available for free to all IPC E-Textiles 2018 attendees, because the committee will debate the white paper and the overall topic of washability reliability during its committee standards forum September 12, the day before the workshop.

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Add to the White Paper Library
The IPC E-Textiles Committee asks universities, testing laboratories, product manufacturers and materials suppliers from the e-textiles ecosystem to read IPC-WP-024 and submit your own white paper for consideration. Building this library will provide industry with myriad perspectives and findings on this topic and will also enable the committee to identify commonalities among the research to begin to identify ways in which to develop an IPC standard for washability reliability.

Email me (ChrisJorgensen@ipc.org) for more information or to propose a white paper topic and summary for the committee’s consideration.

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