IPC Supports Apprenticeships and Jobs

By Julie Desisto, government relations coordinator

Given the perennial shortage of skilled talent in many parts of the country, IPC advocates for ambitious public policies to address the skills gap.

That’s why IPC supports the Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act (S. 1352), introduced by Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA). In late July, IPC President and CEO John Mitchell and Vice President of Government Relations John Hasselmann met with Senator Cantwell in Washington, D.C. to express our support. And in the months to come, we will be working to encourage additional senators to co-sponsor the act.

The Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act would create a $5,000 tax credit for up to three years for companies that hire and pay employees enrolled in a federal- or state-registered apprentice program, as well as allow senior employees near retirement to draw from pensions early if they’re involved in mentoring or training new employees. Additionally, the Act will help veterans get into skilled jobs that match their military experience sooner by allowing credit in apprenticeship requirements from previous military training.

As a standards, training, and certification leader, some of IPCs’ top priorities are to promote workforce development initiatives, educate and train workers to fill manufacturing jobs, and be innovative in finding ways to close the skills gap. The lack of skilled workers directly affects our membership. This is why IPC supports this legislation on behalf of our membership. This legislation is designed to enhance America’s ability to train and educate potential workers through registered apprenticeships.

IPC will continue to monitor and promote all legislation that supports our membership and urges its members to reach out to their local members of Congress to express their support of this legislation.

View the Bill in its full form.


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