H-1B Visas Enable Some Manufacturers to Recruit Needed Talent

by Sharon Starr, IPC market research director

As concerns about the U.S. skills gap and the debate over U.S. immigration policy continue, it is worth considering how these two issues are linked. The availability of H-1B visas is one way the government helps to ease the skills gap, especially as it relates to filling engineering and other technical professional positions in the electronics industry.

IPC’s recent study, Findings on the Skills Gap in U.S. Electronics Manufacturing, asked manufacturers about the impact of H-1B visas on their businesses. It found that a potential reduction in the availability of H-1B visas is not a concern for most of the surveyed companies. However, 28 percent believe a reduction in H-1B visa availability would make recruiting and retention harder and would be an obstacle to growth, in some cases handicapping their businesses.


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