ECHA Adds Four Substances to REACH Candidate List

Four more substances will be added to the REACH candidate list in January after ECHA’s Member State Committee unanimously agreed they should be designated as substances of very high concern (SVHC). This will bring the total number of substances on the list to 173.

The four substances are bisphenol A, the perfluorinated chemical PFDA (nonadecafluorodecanoic acid) and its sodium and ammonium salts, 4-heptylphenol, branched and linear (4-HPbl), and 4-tert-pentylphenol (PTAP).

Two additional substances, 4-tert-butylphenol (PTBP) and trimellitic anhydride (TMA), were not unanimously supported for inclusion and will be submitted to the European Commission for consideration.


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    We depend on regular final updates for added SVHC’s since they require IT system changes. December 2016 was already delayed until January, 2017, and now they will take 3 more months to get the EC final ruling on two of the contested SVHC’s.

    Suggestions: Align more fully with the EC in the first place and rationalize the disparity between RoHS and REACH, specifically what is an Article and why it needs to be managed differently than homogeneous materials.
    Also go to a once a year update to REACH SVHC’s at maximum.

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      ECHA has published the four approved substances on January 12, 2017. We have noted there is a naming discrepancy between the REACH Candidate List Substance Names in the ECHA Press Release and the Official REACH Candidate List. This did not include the two substances which will require further discussion. It is not clear when in the future these substances will be added, if consensus is reached.

      With regard to your suggestions, the responsible parties in the EC have been very clear regarding the differences between RoHS and REACH and the reasons for those differences. As each are based on separate legislation, I not believe the type of alignment you seek is likely. However, should you wish to manage your REACH articles at the RoHS homogenous material level, I believe you would still be in compliance with REACH as that is a more specific level of data and compliance.

      Finally, your suggestion to have REACH SVHC lists updated annually instead of semi-annually is a good one and we will add it to our comments on the REACH review. Do you have any reasons you can offer to support the requested switch? Inclusion of such will make our comments more influential.

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