IPC Standards Committee Reports — Supplier Declaration, EH&S, Management, Embedded Devices, Printed Electronics, Conflict Minerals

These standards committee reports from the 2015 Fall Standards Committee Meetings have been compiled to help keep you up to date on IPC standards committee activities. This is the fourth and final in the series of reports.


Supplier Declaration

The 2-18h Conflict Minerals Declaration Task Group discussed potential future changes and enhancements to IPC-1755. The committee discussed the use of special characters in smelter names and potential revisions to some of the declaration questions in order to improve clarity and usability.  The committee decided to meet monthly work towards publishing a revision of the standard in 2017.


Environment, Health, and Safety

The 4-33 Halogen Free Laminate Materials Subcommittee reviewed what comments from this subcommittee, if any, would be helpful in steering the U.S. EPA in its TSCA work plan to study Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA).  Fern Abrams was able to lend some sanity to the discussion and the subcommittee decided to wait for the IPC-constructed comments that will be submitted to the EPA.



The 8-41 Technology Roadmap Subcommittee discussed ways to improve the IPC International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnection and to increase its reach to the greater electronics manufacture industry. From this brainstorming session, the group will strategize the continual awareness of the 2015 version and enhancements which can be made to the 2017 version.


Embedded Devices

Based on significant feedback following publication of IPC-7092, Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Embedded Components, the D-55 Embedded Devices Process Implementation Subcommittee is beginning work on an amendment or A revision of the standard. The subcommittee will make a decision on the best route to take IPC-7092 based on the amount of new information or inquiries for expanded topics it receives.


Printed Electronics

The D-64 Printed Electronics Final Assembly Subcommittee and D-64a Printed Electronics Terms and Definitions Task Group announced publication of IPC/JPCA-6901, Performance Requirements for Printed Electronics Assemblies and IPC-6903, Terms and Definitions for the Design and Manufacture of Printed Electronics (Additive Circuitry), respectively. The groups will formally celebrate these new standards at APEX/EXPO.

D-64 is now undertaking development of IPC-6902, Qualification and Performance Specifications for Printed Electronics (Additive Circuitry). It is doing so as a joint effort with the D-61 Printed Electronics Design Subcommittee. That subcommittee launched work on IPC-2292, IPC-2292, Design Standard for Printed Electronics on Flexible Substrates, which will be the first in a potential series of design standards for printed electronics. Because these groups’ efforts are so closely intertwined, they will meet jointly throughout their processes.

The D-62 Printed Electronics Base Materials Substrates Subcommittee and D-63 Printed Electronics Functional Materials Subcommittee seek to expand the reach for the materials specification sheets in their standards. Both groups plan to create generic categories of materials and will begin gathering information from suppliers to build these categories and come up with requirement ranges for generic specification sheets.

The D-65 Printed Electronics Test Methods Development Subcommittee continues to make headway creating standardized testing for flexibility and stretchability.


Conflict Minerals

The E-30 Committee celebrated the publication of the Conflict Minerals Due Diligence White paper and discussed future plans to review and improve the white paper.


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