Withdrawal of Application to Renew Exemption 7(b) of Annex III of the RoHS Directive

Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. has withdrawn its application to renew exemption 7(b) of Annex III of the RoHS Directive.  Exemption 7(b) was for lead in solders for servers, storage and storage array systems, network infrastructure equipment for switching, signalling, transmission, and network management for telecommunications.

RoHS exemption renewal requests are reviewed by the European Union (EU) Commission prior to requesting consultant evaluation. This pre-review process may involve a series of questions and answers with the submitting company. As a result of this process, the lone applicant for extension of RoHS exemption 7(b) [related to Pb plating, solders and solder balls in telecom server array systems] has withdrawn their application for renewal. 

This withdrawal means that exemption 7(b) will expire on 7/21/2016 as scheduled in RoHS-2, Annex III. Exemption 7(b) will not receive the additional 6-18 month transition time that would have been allowed if an exemption renewal had been sent to the Okö-Institut for evaluation.


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