IPC-2231: The Cookbook for Design Excellence

by:  Cheryl Tulkoff, CRE

DfR Solutions

Does your organization design for true excellence? Design for Excellence (DFX) is based upon the premise that getting product design right the first time is far less expensive than finding failures and fixing them in later product development. Do it right, do it light. Do it wrong, do it long. While it may be easy to say, it is obviously way more complex than that.

IPC-2231, Design for Excellence Guideline during the Product Lifecycle, provides guidelines for establishing a best practice methodology for developing a formal DFX, specifically for layout of printed board assemblies. Think of it as a cookbook for DFX, where you can skim the design recipes you know, or dive into ones that you need more details on.

The outlined DFX process establishes a discipline of design review necessary to perform a detailed analysis of manufacturability attributes commonly found in electronics hardware for fabrication. It offers a complete framework of guidelines, references, and industry standards. It covers the full range of DFX disciplines and activities, as well as provides a unique color-coded function flow that allows user to focus on core functions related to design, manufacturing, test, or management.

With these new features, users can easily bypass areas where they have expertise and go straight to what they need. The document also acknowledges the unique and varying needs of organizations regarding time to market, cost, risk, and regulation.

Don’t recreate what’s been done well before and don’t make mistakes that others have solved. Learn more about IPC-2231 and designing for excellence at PD02/PD09 at IPC APEX EXPO 2015.

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