International Conference on Green Electronics Highlights Diversity of Industry Goals

Last week, I attended and presented a paper at the Going Green Care Innovation 2014 conference. The conference, which was held in Vienna, Austria attracted an international crowd of more than 400 engineers, researchers, scientists, and policy experts interested in reducing the impact of electronics on the environment.  Participants came from major OEMs, academia, and the government. Reaffirming the global nature of the electronics industry, attendees came from36 countries on five continents.  During the conference, I presented a paper highlighting the use of IPC’s data exchange standards (IPC-1751, IPC-1752, IPC-1753, IPC-1755, IPC-1756, and IPC-1758) for supply chain compliance.

When I first attended this conference in 2010, I left with a sense that European regulators and companies were focused on energy efficiency and climate change. Other similar conferences focued on RoHS implementation or recycling.  This year’s conference, titled, “Towards a Resource Efficient Economy,” did not leave me with a clear vision of where electronics companies would be focused in the next few years.

Speakers and presenters from leading global OEMs presented papers in most of the topic areas, including circular economy, recycling, substance restrictions, re-use, repair and refurbishment, legislation and its impacts, energy efficiency, supply chain management, life-cycle assessment, eco-design, and end-of-life management.

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