IPC and IEC Establish Closer Working Ties to Further Printed Electronics Industry

IPC was recently notified that the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC’s) Standardization Management Board (SMB) “…approved the category D liaison between IEC TC 119 WG 2 and IPC…” A representative expert in the field to serve as the focal point of collaborative efforts has been nominated, and approval is pending.

This approval represents the culmination of direct efforts by many within IPC and the industry for more than a year, and recognizes IPC’s capacity for technical contribution on a multinational basis in the creation of international standards in the growing printed electronics industry. To quote from the IEC Directives:

“ Rights and obligations

Category D liaison organizations have the right to participate as full members in a working group (see 1.12.1).

Category D liaison experts act as the official representative of the organization by which they are appointed.”

IPC believes this will guarantee that our member companies’ needs are best represented to the international community, and will help eliminate the possibility of conflicting or competing standards that might hinder the free exercise of global trade in this growing market. In addition, this result directly supports the IPC mission statement to commit “… full cooperation with all related organizations…” and underscores the collaborative spirit among the early participants in the global printed electronics community.

IPC looks forward to the even closer cooperation this liaison status facilitates, and believes this is an important step toward successful acceptance of printed electronics technology as one more useful option in the larger electronics industry.

For more information, visit the IPC Printed Electronics Initiative  Web page or contact Marc Carter, IPC director, Technology Transfer.


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