Highlighting the Fun Side of Technology

The best keynote speeches at trade shows often come from speakers who highlight the fun in technology and engineering. They acknowledge that there’s a lot of grunt work involved in most technical programs, but coming up with a good solution makes the hard work worthwhile.

Three very different speakers will bring some fun to IPC APEX EXPO® on the mornings of March 25, 26, and 27. Dr. Peter Diamandis, chairman of XPrize is up first. He’ll share his insights into how exponentially growing technologies will re-engineer products, companies, industries and even society over the next two decades. Dr. Diamandis has a great ability to turn daunting problems into great solutions. He conceived the X Prize, which gained popularity with the challenge of suborbital space flight.

On the 26th, robotocist James McLurkin will describe the concept of combining lots of small robots to handle a broad range of jobs. Swarm robotics is a pretty new field, one that can’t help but intrigue the inner kid in just about any engineer. Who wouldn’t want to hear about scores of tiny robots transforming a warehouse or production line?

Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky will detail the physics of NASCAR racing on the 27th. Auto racing has become the nation’s top spectator sport. Dr. Leslie-Pelecky will give attendees information that’s bound to fascinate them while also giving engineers a wealth of information to share the next time they’re around racing enthusiasts.

These speakers all share traits with many show attendees – they enjoy putting technology to work. Their talks should help stimulate new ideas and solutions for many attendees. It’s always a good thing to remember that this enjoyment is what brought many people into this industry.

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