Spotting Trends in EMS Markets

The pace of business has increased as Web connections and mobile phones increase the sense of immediacy. That’s prompted a lot of interest in lists of bullet points that sum up some of the salient points of complex documents.

A new IPC study, 2012-2013 Analysis & Forecast for the Global EMS Industry, follows this movement, providing a list of 10 trends. Developed by Charlie Barnhart & Associates, these reported trends are a good starting point for those preparing to dive into the 95 pages packed with statistics from IPC’s global study of 120 companies.

A slowdown in EMS/ODM growth rates is one of the trends. EMS/ODM growth has surpassed industry rates for years. That’s because these industries grew along with the overall industry while also gaining revenue as OEMs outsourced more manufacturing and design work. Looking forward, it’s likely that the growth rates will get closer as the pace of outsourcing slows.

Other trends are not as surprising. For example, industrial electronics remains the largest market in North America, followed by medical, communications infrastructure and military. The stability of these market positions is confirmed in the report which provides the latest market share percentages, giving readers hard data they can analyze.

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