IPC-2581 Consortium Opens its Doors to New Members

Getting OEMs, design tool providers, EMS providers and others to agree on a standard for transferring data files has proven a difficult challenge. The IPC-2581 Consortium, formed to help industry settle on a data transfer document, is beefing up its efforts by opening its membership to individuals.

The consortium was created in 2011 by a dozen PCB design and supply chain companies. Since then, membership has soared to nearly 50 companies. Many individuals have expressed desire to join the group and support its efforts even though their companies have not yet made a decision on whether to join the consortium.

That won’t be a problem anymore. Individuals can now join on as associate members – enabling them to engage in technical discussions, share industry knowledge and contribute to the evolution of IPC-2581, Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology.

The change comes with the publication of a new version of the standard: IPC-2581B which consortium members estimate can cut fabrication time by nearly a third.

To join the consortium as an associate member, visit the IPC-2581 Consortium registration page.

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