Picturing Rejuvenated Market Growth

For the past few years, IPC has been expanding its focus on printed electronics knowing that these additive processes are beginning to play a significant role in the future of substrates, among other areas. For many companies, printed electronics may be a way to rejuvenate market growth by entering a hot growth market.

Take Kodak, for instance. A few weeks back, the company picked printed electronics as one of the technologies it can employ in its attempts to retrieve some of the revenue it’s lost in the rapid evolution of cameras and photography.

Kodak teamed up with Kingsbury Corp., a manufacturing contractor that will build a facility to produce touch screen sensors utilizing Kodak’s silver halide technologies. Those who believe in the power of printed electronics will enjoy this quote from Kingsbury’s CEO, Bill Pollock: “Kodak’s unparalleled materials science expertise, coupled with its thin film deposition technology, allows us to leverage the materials, facilities and technical support needed to hit the ground running for the production of alternative touch sensor solutions for the printed electronics industry.”

Both Kodak and Kingsbury have been around for more than a century, but they’re pinning a lot of their future on this hot new field of printed electronics. It’s yet another sign that the technology will transform this industry with help from IPC and its member companies.

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