Enthusiasm Marks the IPC Difference

All too often, we’re forced to deal with people who are largely apathetic about their jobs, or those who pay little attention to detail. One of the refreshing aspects of IPC involvement is the high level of interest and enthusiasm throughout the volunteer organization and the staff.

I was reminded of this when I spoke to someone I haven’t spoken with in a fair while. IPC’s Dieter Bergman has the enthusiasm of a child, living up to Aldous Huxley’s observation that “the secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”

Dieter always offers the time to explain things fully, giving you a chance to ask questions as necessary. It’s easy to tell that he’s driven to make sure that anything he’s involved in is done as well as is possible.

That’s another trait that’s common throughout IPC. The association knows the value of compromise, working to get the best standard, document or other project that’s possible. Not the best that they can do without much concern for what others think, but what’s the best that can be done with support of the group.

Dieter’s boyish enthusiasm and his push to get the best outcome is a great reminder of the effort that goes into every IPC project. Not to mention that it makes committee meetings far more enjoyable than they might have a right to be. Hats off to the volunteers and staff who have something that’s all too often missing: They understand the value of a good attitude.

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