IPC Electronics Systems Technology Conference (IPC ESTC) Leads off with Back-to-back Home Runs

Dr. Tin-Lup Wong, distinguished engineer and executive director for Lenovo got IPC ESTC in Las Vegas off to a great start. Dr. Wong gave a keynote presentation that provided attendees an outstanding glimpse to the future of product development at Lenovo. Dr. Wong provided valuable insights to the challenges that ultraslim form factor is creating for the PC industry. Among the top challenges covered were battery technologies, manufacturing tolerances and reliability considerations when using thinner silicon technology.  Dr. Wong provided a vision of technical requirements for future designs and challenged the audience to go beyond the status quo in product and material technology. He also shared innovative approaches to making interconnects using anisotropic conductive films as well as fracture toughened glass for touch screen technology.

Dr. Wong was followed by Derrill Wolkins, director of product development at Medtronic. Wolkins provided insight into the unique challenges faced by the medical electronics industry.Medtronic’s innovative approach into looking beyond the device and looking to treating the “disease states” has led to medical electronics technology breakthroughs. Convergence of technologies for treatment of disease states have started to define next generation technology. Medtronic is taking a large interest in sensing technology combined with monitoring technology. These driving forces are making medical electronic devices smaller, simpler and secret. By combining the sensing technology with information technology, devices are becoming smarter as well. Wolkins shared the fundamental challenges of medical electronics devices such as size, longevity, regulatory issues, RoHS, and most importantly reliability.

Dr. Wong and Mr. Wolkins certainly set the stage for a great conference.  Long-time IPC Hall of Famer and industry expert, Gene Weiner, said this is the future direction of the electronics industry.  From silicon to final assembly, everyone in the supply chain will all need to work together to build the foundation for the next generation of electronics.

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