IPC Standards Committee Reports – Printed Board Design, Data Generation and Transfer, Electronic Documentation, High Speed/High Frequency

Reports from IPC standards meetings at IPC APEX EXPO 2013 have been summarized to keep you up to date on committees’ work in advancing new and revised industry guidelines. This is the fourth and final report in the series.

Printed Board Design

The 1-10c Test Coupon and Artwork Generation Task Group finalized changes to the A/B-R plated through hole evaluation coupon design that has been approved as a replacement for the legacy A and B and A/B test coupon designs.  The AB/R design is being incorporated into the B revision of IPC-2221, Generic Standard on Printed Board Design, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2012.

Data Generation and Transfer

The 2-16 Product Data Description (Laminar View) Subcommittee discussed new requirements to be added to the XML schema of the proposed IPC-2581A, Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology. The group discussed the coordination needed between electronic documentation identified as IPC-2614-1 and IPC-2614-2.

Electronic Documentation Technology

The 2-40 Electronic Documentation Technology Committee discussed the status of the IPC-2610 series, which includes hard copy, electronic copy and machine-usable data. The committee discussed continued development of IPC-2616 (assembly) and IPC-2617 (testing), but was more concerned about potential user’s guides for defining laminate and printed board characteristics in the code format according to IPC-2581A. A detailed strategy was developed for new drafts and outlines of the 261X series.

The 2-41 Laminate Description Task Group reviewed the status of the document that was to be IPC-1753. The group determined UML model conditions for the document that will become essentially a user’s guide for describing laminate according to IPC-2581A.

High Speed/High Frequency

The D-22 High Speed/High Frequency Board Performance Subcommittee discussed formats to future revisions of IPC-6018, Qualification and Performance Specification for RF/Microwave Printed Boards.  There was debate as to whether to keep IPC-6018 independent of the main IPC-6012 rigid printed board specification, thereby retaining redundant acceptance criteria, or transform it into a document that only addresses criteria specific to high frequency boards, and that require usage with IPC-6012 for printed board procurement.  The subcommittee will develop a comparative spreadsheet of IPC-6012, IPC-6013 and IPC-6018 requirements to see how many unique requirements exist outside of the base IPC-6012 specification.


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