Canada and EU Take Up Conflict Minerals

As many of you know,  the European Union Commission has been considering the promulgation of a conflict minerals related rule of its own.  These regulations would be in addition to those affecting companies doing business in the U.S. If the EU develops different conflict minerals rules and regulations, the burden on EU companies could be significantly increased. On Wed, March 27 the EU launched a public consultation process to invite opinions on the scope of the draft rule.  The consultation is open until June 26, 2013.  IPC will participate in the conflict minerals consultation and  continue lobbying on behalf of our members. We encourage interested parties to file their own comments in addition to IPC’s comments because comments from EU-based companies will be strongly considered.

In addition, on Tuesday, March 26, a Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada introduced bill C-486 which would require Canadian companies to exercise due diligence with respect to conflict minerals sourced from the Great Lakes Region of Africa.   IPC will monitor this bill and reach out to our Canadian members and affiliated organizations in preparation for any action on this issue by the Canadian legislature.

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