Will the SEC Issue Compliance Guidance on Conflict Minerals Rule?

IPC offers information and tools to ensure ease of compliance

As companies are now trying to assess their conflict minerals disclosure obligations, many are asking for guidance regarding the rules’ application to their manufacturing processes. Under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation finalized last year, SEC registered companies will need to declare the origin of tin, tantalum, gold and tungsten in products manufactured in 2013.

The SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance has received requests from manufacturers for guidance on the rule according to an SEC official of the division’s rulemaking office. It has been rumored that the SEC may issue guidance on the conflict minerals regulations.

To address the growing need for information, IPC has developed a number of tools to help companies understand the regulation and develop an effective conflict minerals program.

IPC’s Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guide  covers information from who to include on a company’s conflict minerals team to what to include in a company policy statement. The guide also lays out steps for identifying and prioritizing suppliers. Due to the complexity of the electronics supply chain it is imperative to identify key suppliers in order to ensure those suppliers are thoroughly vetted for conflict minerals information. This guide includes vital information on ensuring due diligence compliance is met as required by the SEC regulation.

For those who want to get an update on IPC’s industry standard for exchanging conflict mineral compliance data, read the current draft of IPC-1755, Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Standard.

Bringing together experts in the area of conflict minerals, IPC will host a Conflict Minerals seminar on June 3-4 in Cambridge, Mass. The conference will provide the necessary information to ensure companies understand regulatory requirements, customer requirements and developing industry practices.

For additional information on conflict minerals and IPC’s advocacy efforts, visit www.ipc.org/conflict-minerals.

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